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Our Network Explained: Who Are the PR Freelancers You’ll Find on Nibble?

From consumer to corporate, tech to B2B these freelancers have worked at top agencies and top brands to bring years of experience and know-how in one solo package.

In your journey to find the perfect freelance PR partner through Nibble, you will encounter a wide-range of professionals and specialists, each with their own experience, personalities and skill sets.

Our mission at Nibble is to help you find the right freelance PR for hire. To match businesses, brands and professional people with the right freelancer to work with them on campaigns, projects and profiling - and all have been through a reference checking and screening process.

They are talented individuals with a proven track record for success, but while they each have years of industry experience and a strong work ethic, they are all very different too. 

There are so many reasons why talented PR people go freelance. For example, our network includes those who previously worked at top agencies or in-house, and those who have been freelance for their whole careers.

Collectively, and individually, they represent the best in the business and have experience working for big household-name brands, for exciting and growing startups and on profile-raising personal PR campaigns for celebrities or entrepreneurs.

Their previous work covers a multitude of industries too from FMCG products and beauty, to consumer gadgets and financial services. Whatever industry you are in, it's extremely likely someone on Nibble will know it inside-out

Contractor laughing on video call with client

There are tonnes of reasons why someone believes freelancing is the path for them. Just because they aren’t “employed” in the traditional full-time sense, that doesn’t mean they are any the less talented.

To help you find the right match, it's helpful to know how the PR world is broken down into different practice backgrounds, with most PRs specialising in one area and some straddled across a range, such as: 

  • Consumer - focusing on reaching the customers of the brands who sell products and services direct to the public
  • Corporate - the area concerned with a company's reputation and profile, with PRs connecting clients to business journalists or industry specialists in the media
  • B2B - delivering PR that reaches other businesses, either to communicate with clients or to educate the industry a company is concerned with
  • Crisis - this practice deals with the fallout of a crisis or reputational issue, managing what is said publicly, navigating choppy media waters and mitigating further issues

Similarly, outside of these practices, there are tonnes of reasons why someone believes freelancing is the path for them. Just because they aren’t “employed” in the traditional full-time sense, that doesn’t mean they are any the less talented. For example: 

  • The WFH parent - mums and dads who ran divisions or headed up PR in big companies and now want to have more time at home with their children, while still flexing their wide-ranging talent, idea-laden PR brain and hard-earned contacts
  • The remote worker - enjoying the freedom that a mobile phone, laptop, Wi-Fi and internet access gives them to work from anywhere, as they move around the city or globe, seeing new places and things whilst developing their solo career and utilising their skills 
  • The part-time professional - those who might have spent their whole career in-house or at a London PR firm for leading companies, but simply want to work a couple of days a week on one or two clients, often for causes, services or agendas they truly care about
  • The full-time freelancer - they’ve always loved the flexibility of being their own boss and have made a career out of it, with a few clients or on one project at a time. They’re used to being a public relations agency alternative for first-time clients 
  • The solo supremo - an ex-agency talent who got frustrated with that life and struck out on their own for a more exciting, dynamic and versatile working environment. They have the contacts and drive but none of the same overheads/charges as an agency

Like any network of people, everyone one is going to be a little bit different. That’s why we think matching with PRs is kind of like dating: First you work out your ‘type’ and then you just need to find the right person for you. (Here’s a couple of guides on how to interview, and how to pick proposals).

Now, while everyone is different, they will have some shared similarities; the Nibble network knows we stand for excellence, so they won’t be afraid of a challenge; they’re entrepreneurial, having gone out on their own; they won’t have tonnes of overheads like an agency might, so all fees can go towards ‘doing to do’ instead of an office or company away days; and they all chose to be free to work with only clients and projects they’re passionate about.

Making that choice for themselves is empowering and brings motivation, determination, fresh ideas and passion to your campaign or cause.

Does this sound like you? If you’re a talented PR, passionate for results and looking to work with exciting new clients, or looking to meet and work with one, sign up and start matching.

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