We believe in the
power of PR

When the right talent works with the right clients, under the right circumstances, brilliant things happen.
PR desk with press magazines and notebook We’re building a world where enterprising talent can freeflow online We’re building a world where enterprising talent can freeflow online

We’re building a world where best-in-class PR excellence can freeflow online

We’re the first and only AI-powered PR-focussed platform that connects brands with a digital network of only highly recommended PR freelancers who have been pre-screened and interviewed in advance before getting their teeth into exciting work they can own and be proud of.

Nibble helps businesses, founders and teams to quickly, effortlessly and reliably find and collaborate with top PR specialists who have a track record for success with similar work.


How we work, what we stand for and
what we believe in

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To the brave, we salute you.

Everything we do, we do it to celebrate and support the dynamic and enterprising entrepreneurial community, and help it to reach its potential:

From the brands - run by the go-getters of the business world who want a trusted way to get their name and messages out there - to the PRs who’ve taken the gutsy move to go it alone and forge their independent freelance career.

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Success is about choices, and the freedom to make great ones.

Giving clients a shortlist of freelance PRs frees up hours of needle-in-haystack searching that’s better spent elsewhere, whilst our Stripe-powered payments give clients more control for a worry-free experience.

And by perfectly matching our AI-powered database of specialists with work they’re passionate about and taking care of all the admin, freelancers spend less time looking for clients and chasing invoices, and more time getting results.

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We have high standards with a focus on quality, not quantity.

We want matches to deliver results, demonstrate the power of public relations and create successful long-term relationships. We pre-screen and interview every freelancer who applies, accepting just those with an excellent track record, and our AI-powered machine learning tech matches only those who have the right, vouched for, experience.

With a max of 10 matches per brief, our PRs are big fish in a boutique pond. So when their inbox pings, they know it’s a brief they’ll want to work on, and have a real chance of winning.

Meet our founder
Lizzie Earl
I love PR. I believe in the power of it and I’m so happy to give businesses and individuals across the UK more choice, so they have access to the best solution for them and can benefit from the results that excellent PR brings.
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Her story
“I want to make excellent PR experiences more accessible, and make finding and hiring freelancers a more successful, and enjoyable, experience.

“I know from my years of running the award-winning London PR agency Munch, that there are thousands upon thousands of brands and people in the UK who can achieve their PR and business goals by working with a great freelancer. Someone with all the right expertise, hungry to deliver and offering great value thanks to having no overheads.

“Often independent contractors are an alternative PR solution they haven’t thought of. Or, if they have, they don’t know where to start their search, who would be best for them, how much they cost, or how to know who to choose.

“Our team has more than 50 years of combined experience hiring and working with hundreds of PRs, as well as personally connecting brands and entrepreneurs to a network of UK freelancers which we’ve used to develop a formula for finding and matching clients with their perfect publicity expert.

“At Nibble we’ve turned that formula into an Ai-powered tool for brands and freelancers. We give businesses wanting to connect with PR freelancers one single marketplace they can trust to find the people, and manage the work.

"Our online experience imitates the real world process, offers support and guidance along the way to create an environment for success, and makes the business of finding and working with best-in-class highly recommended specialists quick, and effortless."